concrete resurfacing broom finish


For many years, the only option for damaged concrete was hiring a contractor to tear it up and pour a new surface. This entire process can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars. So, why not consider renewing old, worn-out concrete with concrete resurfacing? Dull gray slabs are a thing of the past. Your concrete floor is begging for something more! Our environmentally friendly coatings are highly durable with excellent abrasion. Moreover, advanced concrete resurfacers are up to four times stronger than the concrete itself. It makes them chip and impact-resistant. It means that the treated surface is more fracture and crack resistant. As a result, any homeowner can transform a deteriorated concrete surface into a durable, lasting driveway, sidewalk or patio.

Unicrete`s team will take care of the messy removal process. Concrete resurfacing is not just repairing or patching concrete. We offer many unique decorative finishes. Many colors, patterns, and textures are available for any taste. Unicrete will resurface your concrete so that it is safe and slip-resistant. We will make your home a more attractive place for you and your guests.


concrete resurfacing broom finish


Driveways and walkways often suffer continual daily damage. As a result, it affects appearance. In addition, a washed-out ground under the concrete slab may result cracking and spalling. However, broom finish coatings hide such imperfections. It has a perfect grip and stain resistance. Most importantly, a low-pressure washer can easily clean the surface from tire marks. To sum up, broom finish concrete resurfacing is the most economical and practical option.
First of all, the process starts with grinding and profiling the slab. Then, we take care of cracks and spalls. To treat them, we use advanced cementitious patching materials. Most importantly, these products are up to 4 times harder than average concrete. Finally, we apply a cement layer and broom the surface. In short, broom finish projects are ready to traffic the same day.

Overlay concrete resurfacing on a backyard patio


The most popular resurfacing option is the concrete overlay. It is a thin cement product that goes over existing concrete. Typically, we apply two or three coats to make a decorative finish. Most importantly, such a thick coating perfectly hides all imperfections. Like any stone, concrete overlays have superior durability. They tend to last decades. Above all, polyurethane topcoats make a clean-up and maintenance easy process. They also prevent the coating from fading and yellowing.
Firstly, we start with crack treatment. Above all, proper crack treatment prevents spalling and delamination. Secondly, we install a body coat. For example, a combination of grout tape and an additional coat gives a variety of designs. For instance, we can mimic the beauty of wood, flagstone, or tile. Finally, we lay down a clear or pigmented layer of topcoat.

Resurfacer Color Chart


There are three ways how you can add color into the concrete overlay. Firstly, it is to use integral color. For instance, It gives nice smooth, consistent color. Secondly, it is to use spray-on color pigment. Most importantly, it brings more character to the surface. It provides depth to texturized overlays. Thirdly, we can use pigmented topcoats to make a solid and smooth color. In addition, we can achieve glossy or satin effects. Note not all color options are present on the website.

Quartz-sand concrete resurfacing


Quartz is the fourth hardest mineral below diamonds. A combination of quartz sand and epoxy makes it great for outdoor installations. It will not yellow with exposure to the sun. As a result, the coating creates a firm, slip-resistant surface. It hides imperfections and protects against new ones. Quartz Sand Coatings tend to last decades. To add extra protection, we apply polyurethane topcoats. They make clean-up and maintenance a fast and easy process. They also prevent the coating from fading and yellowing. To sum up, quartz sand coatings fit driveways, sidewalks, and patios. The process starts with grinding the slab. It is the most important thing. The preparation of a slab guarantees proper bonding. Once the prep is over, we apply epoxy primer and broadcast colored quartz sand. A thick layer of epoxy bonds to concrete and soaks the sand. After that, we collect loose sand. Then, we put the second epoxy coat and broadcast the second layer of quartz sand. Finally, we coat the surface with a clear topcoat.

Quartz Color Chart


Be sure we have it whenever you look for a unique color blend. We offer a large selection of colors & grades of fine quartz. However, we also have bold solid color quartz sand. That is to say, our variety of colored sand and mixes will turn old and worn concrete into an excellent finish. To bring a striking look, we recommend adding a contrast edge. We recommend using a darker blend for the inner section and a lighter for the borders for driveways. It simply helps to avoid tire marks on the surface. Note, not all color options are present on the website.

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