Ground & Sealed Concrete in a bar


If you were looking for a flooring solution that could combine benefits from epoxy coatings but at the same time have a polished concrete look with even less price, we got it! Ground & sealed concrete floors take the best from epoxies and polished concrete altogether. Most importantly, It is the most economical solution on the market.

Those coatings have a solution for any industry. A wide variety of sealers can help achieve outstanding results on interior and exterior projects. Customization of grind and seal projects doesn’t have any limits. Above all, we use solid color sealers and transparent sealers to achieve truly outstanding designs.

To sum up, our company offers a wide variety of finishes for any industry. We have experience installing such floorings in residential, commercial, and industrial projects. In addition, Our well-trained crew can complete projects overnight.


Exceptional performance is the main reason to choose ground & sealed concrete for your floors. First of all, advanced polyurethane sealers can withstand severe chemical and abrasion abuses. At the same time, adding non-slip additives can significantly improve skid resistance, even on wet surfaces.


Another goal of grind & seal coatings is their affordability. Projects with tight budgets choose Grind & Seal for their concrete floors. Most importantly, that flooring offers you to save money without losing performance. In other words, using fewer grinding steps according to polished concrete and using less epoxy saves a significant part of the flooring budget.

Ground & Sealed Concrete in a living room


Ground and sealed concrete coatings took the best of epoxy coatings. For example, they have exceptional stain and harsh chemicals resistance. In addition, those coatings are easy to maintain using common pH-neutral cleaners. Moreover, it serves excellently in terms of hygiene and durability. In other words, it provides added value for any space.


Six different sealers and deep-penetrating dyes create limitless designs. For example, we have advanced sealers that cure in 2 hours. As a result, the quick and easy installation process makes it possible to finish projects overnight. Grind & Seal transforms concrete into a smooth and reflective surface. It’s getting popular among residential and commercial projects. In short, Grind & Seal is a perfect match for minimalistic and modern interiors

The Process of Ground & Sealed Concrete

ground & sealed concrete in a modern living room

Firstly, the process starts with aggressive metal bond diamond tooling. The first steps grind off the top layer of the concrete. Choosing the right tool determines the level of aggregate exposure. After that, once we complete the first grinding steps, here comes the time for repairs. At this step, we fill cracks, holes, divots, and air pockets with an epoxy compound. Then, the existing concrete slab is getting ground by more refined diamond tools.

After that, we apply a densifier with lithium silicate. Then, we continue with transitional ceramic tools and with resin diamond pads. In addition, customers can also choose between a glossy topcoat, which gives a nice and shiny look, and a satin topcoat, which reduces maintenance routine. Unicrete has epoxy, polyurethane, and polyaspartic topcoats. All of these come in clear or pigmented kits.

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