pool deck resurfacing using quartz sand


Unicrete specializes in pool deck resurfacing and repairing swimming pool areas, patios, and walkways. Outdoor flooring is exposed to harsh weather and chemicals almost daily. So, no wonder that after some time pool deck fade and eventually break down. As a result, resurfacing is a way to get a new look for your deck. Our eco-friendly coatings are incredibly durable. In addition, they are up to four times stronger than the concrete and have excellent abrasion. It makes them chip and impact-resistant. It means that the treated surface is more fracture and crack resistant than the concrete substrate. As a result, any patio or pool deck can be transformed into a durable, long-lasting surface.

Unicrete will resurface your pool deck so that it is safe and slip-resistant. Our team will take care of the messy removal process. Resurfacing is not just repairing or patching concrete. We offer many unique decorative finishes. Many colors, patterns, and textures are available for any taste. In short, we use various systems and treatments that fit your needs, budget, and circumstances. We guarantee professionalism and quality of installation. Our floors are made to last. UNICRETE offers a wide variety of pool deck resurfacing coatings for any industry. We install these floors in residential or commercial facilities. Above all, our well-trained crew achieves perfect results in a fraction of time.


Pool deck resurfacing with cool deck texture


Cool Deck texture is an industry standard for pool decks. It gives a good grip and a nice look. First of all, it starts with prepping the surface. Once the prep is done, we apply the base layer. It ensures proper bonding between the surface and the coating. Second, using a hopper gun, an acrylic concrete coating is spraying on the surface. The splattered layer is then getting knocked down manually using a hand trowel. The texture it creates is similar to stucco but a lot more subtle. Finally, we apply an acrylic sealer. It gives a smooth protective layer. Usually, it takes a day to complete an average project.

The most crucial role in whole cool deck installation is on a sealer. We use a solar-reflective acrylic sealer for our projects. An essential characteristic of the sealer is that it increases the solar reflectance of the exposed surface. As a result, it makes the surface significantly cooler. In addition, It also features excellent hiding, wash-down characteristics, and excellent wear qualities. One of the best things about cool decks is that it brings life to a colorless pool deck. Gray, tan, or brown that blend well with the surroundings is the most popular. However, the color choices are unlimited. Note not all color options are present.

pooldeck resurfacing with concrete overlay


Concrete overlay offers you the flexibility of design options. For instance, It can mimic the beauty of wood, flagstone, or tile. In addition, it has durability and ease of maintenance. First of all, we start with grinding the surface. Then, we check the floor for cracks and spalls. Once we fix all defects, we proceed with applying a base layer. At this stage, we use grout tape to make a flagstone or tile pattern. Then, we apply an additional coat of overlay. Finally, once all layers are dry, we coat the surface with a topcoat. Most importantly, we offer a wide variety of clear or pigmented topcoats.

There are three ways how you can add color into the concrete overlay. Firstly, it is to use integral color. For instance, It gives nice smooth, consistent color. Secondly, it is to use spray-on color pigment. Most importantly, it brings more character to the surface. It provides depth to texturized overlays. Thirdly, we can use pigmented topcoats to make a solid and smooth color. In addition, we can achieve glossy or satin effects. Note not all color options are present on the website.

close view on quartz sand concrete resurfacing


Quartz sand coating is the most durable and most attractive pool deck solution. It combines a firm grip, superior stain resistance, and outstanding beauty. Moreover, it is available in unlimited colors and has enormous resurfacing application possibilities. The process starts with grinding concrete. After that, we put down epoxy primer and broadcast colored quartz sand in it. As a result, a thick layer of epoxy bonds to concrete and soaks the sand. After that, we collect loose sand. Then, we apply another epoxy coat and broadcast the second layer of quartz sand. Finally, we coat the surface with a clear topcoat.


Unicrete offers a vast selection of colors of quartz sand. Be sure we have it whenever you look for a unique color blend. However, we also have solid color quartz sand. That is to say, our variety of colored sand mixes will turn old concrete into a lovely textured finish. For example, to bring a striking look, we recommend adding a contrast edge. It simply minimizes stains on the surface. Note, not all colors are present on the website.

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